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Creation of customers, Management with wisdom, Consistency, Permanency and Humanity

O-OKA was founded in 1937.
Since then, we have been pursuing forging technology and breaking many common sense by our forging innovation.

Through those activity, we grew out of category of "Blank" parts, and established a new category which is so called "Precision forging gear" in the gear market.

By producing a value-added product, many customers in all over the world give us satisfactions.

Company Profile

Company Name O-oka Corporation
Address 1-1 Akibasan, Takaoka-cho, Toyota city, Aichi 473-0933 JAPAN Location
Tel +81 (0)565-52-3441
Establishment April 29, 1937
Capital 98,000,000 JPY
Representative Yoshinori OOKA / President
Employee 878 (2022)
Sales Turnover 21,000,000,000 JPY (2022)
Business activity manufacturing and sales of precision forged gears.


A - Z

Domestic Customers

  • AISIN Corporation
  • AICHI Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
  • AICHI STEEL Corporation
  • Isuzu Motor Limited.
  • Jatco Ltd.
  • Suzuki Motor Corporation
  • Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Tubakimoto Chain Co.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • NIDEC-SHIMPO Corporation
  • SUBARU Corporation

Overseas Customers

  • Adam Opel (Germany, Austria)
  • EATON (Brazil, Poland)
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Italy, Argentine, USA)
  • Getrag (Germany, Italy, Mexico, )
  • General Motors (USA, Brazil, Korea)
  • HAVECO (China)
  • MAGNA Powertrain (Mexico, Germany)
  • Musashi (Brazil)
  • PSA (France)
  • RENAULT (France, Spain, Romania)
  • Schaeffler (Germany)
  • Shanghai Automobile Gear Works (China)
  • SKODA (Slovakia)
  • Volkswagen (Germany, China)
  • ZF (Germany, Brazil, USA)


 Social Contribution Activities

Based on our commitment to be an environment-friendly company, we set our target or objectives to create a new clean eco-friendly society. As a cornerstone, we started with the green wall.

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