There is an ultimate art of precision forging technology
that Ooka has reached over a long time period of time.


O-OKA's forged helicoidal and cold forming technology are widely applied in AT/CVT products which is major transmission in US・Japan market

Sun and Planet Gear

O-OKA Developed Small-module and multi-gear product for sun/pinion gear for AT planetary unit according to customer's request. In additiona to our helicoidal teeth forming technology, we are able to supply the finished parts with teeth finishing.

  • Sun and Planet Gear2
  • Sun and Planet Gear3
Sun and Planet Gear1

Internal gear

Precision forged internal gear, which is developed for a reduction unit, has smoother and higher accuracy compared to conventional helical broaching or gear shaper production, and contributes to a noise reduction. A unique process with a work-hardening also provides a reduction in total process and cost.

Internal gear1

Park lock Gear

O-OKA's Parking gear which is designated as security part for protecting car user ensures a firm strength and a safe drive.

Park lock Gear1


By utilizing advantage of forging, several parts can be integrated into One piece. O-OKA is able to propose the best solution and develop product with customer.

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