Environmental Initiatives

Commitment to Environmental Protection by O-OKA


Zero Co2 Emission by 2035
Adopt EVs as Company Car / Solar Power Generation for Factory for the Next Generation.

We have been successfully developing new electric vehicle components for European automobiles for eight years. We have expanded our supply to many manufacturers and continue to create new products to meet the changing demands.

Additionally, we are proud to be one of the first small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035, in order to contribute to a low-carbon society.

Representative Director and President Yoshinori Ooka
Solar panels installed on the roof of Head Office's No.3 Plant

Solar panels (Head Office’s No.3 Plant)

Electric vehicle ratio target is 60% by 2025

Electric vehicle (60% by 2025)

Green Plan

Green Wall

Green Wall

Planted green leaves along with fence in head office.

Green Parking Lot

Green Parking Lot

A part of the parking lot has been greened on the ground.

Commitment to the SDGs


Good Health and Well-Being

We pay attention to health of our employees by carring out regular health checkups, thorough physical checkup for over 40 and interview with an industrial physician.
We also provide preventive medical care such as influenza vaccinations, and promote a mental health program through stress checkups.


Quality Education

We support skill development through qualification acquisition systems and external lecture system. In-house trainings of each department are also in progress.


Gender Equality

We are making efforts to promote childcare for men with Childcare and family care leave system available to both men and women.
In addition, we have completed the correction of the wage gap between men and women, and are continuing our efforts to increase the number of women in management positions.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

We evaluate everyone's work without considering their academic background or career stage, ensuring equal recognition for all.
In addition, through labor-management discussions, we work together to create a comfortable work environment and focus on safety measures and workplace environment improvements.


Reduce Inequality

We hire foreign nationals regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career workers.
We are also working to hire persons with disabilities.


Sustainable Cities Communities

We are committed to improving our community through various activities such as sponsoring local events, providing free parking, and offering shelter to those in need.
Furthermore, we continue to take measures to protect the local environment and create a sustainable environment, such as installing anti-vibration devices in our facilities, constructing soundproof walls around our plants, and organizing environmental cleanup campaigns.

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