We develop and produce a product
which meets customer needs with our variety of persistence.

Flexible delivery condition as according to customer's request

Flexible delivery condition

O-oka has a consistent production line from forging up machining to inspection and we can respond any delivery condition request.

Inspection laboratory / facility


  • CMM, Gear-pro software
  • Gear inspection
  • Contour / roundness
  • Hardness (HV, HB, HRC, HRA, HRB)
  • Microstructure etc.


  • Carl Zeiss CMM x 3 (Gear-Pro)
  • CNC Gear measuring machine / Osaka Seimitsu x 1
  • Bühler hardness tester x 1

Certified inspector

All inspections are performed by our expert staff which passed the national exam of inspection, and guaranteed our quality.

Inspection laboratory / facility


Evaluation of high quality

  • GM supplier of the year 2016
  • GM supplier of the year 2015
  • GM supplier of the year 2014
  • GM supplier of the year 2014

Sustain of high Quality

  • Sustainable control by in-house tooling
  • Manufacturing by skilled worker
  • Systematic quality control
  • Final 100% visual inspection by operator

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