Precision Forging

Technical information regarding Ooka products.


Technical information for Monoblock gear

Technical information for Ooka’s precision forged monoblock gear.



  • No welding machine shall be invested.
  • No more two individual parts management.
  • No scrap due to welding deformation issue.
  • No scrap due to welding failure
  • No scrap due to sputter spreading
  • Strength improvement due to one piece design


Spline Data
Size Φ80 – 160
Condition – Machined
Chamfer shape Any
Inner spline Possible
Partial tooth thickness adjustment Possible
Synchronizer type Single – Triple
Recessed shape forming Possible
Gear (spline) Accuracy DIN class 10
Spline Runout 0.07 max
Over 2 balls diameter ±0.05
Back taper angle – 6.5°±30’

Above data is a reference and each item shall be independently discussed.

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